Brendan Taylor has built his prolific career through an unwavering commitment to artistic growth and making the most of every opportunity.

Hailing from North Vancouver, Canada, he was drawn to movies, comedy, and cartoons at a young age. His love of comics also led him and his friends to be superheroes at the park for hours on end.

Shy and sensitive growing up, Brendan Taylor took his first acting class in elementary school, embracing the freedom to embody different characters and do things that were outside of his own personality. Even so, he never considered acting to be a realistic career.

Bilingual in English and French, he pursued a degree in Spanish at the University of British Columbia until a one-year exchange in Paris shifted his career perspective. After joining an off-campus scene study class upon his return home, he reclaimed his acting roots with a renewed sense of passion and focus.

As he continued his acting training, Brendan Taylor entered the professional film and TV industry in the Art Department – garnering over 50 credits as a Set Dresser and Decorator on shows like The Killing and Falling Skies and films like The Wicker Man.

In 2007, Brendan Taylor fulfilled his promise to act. Commercials, plays, and guest roles on shows like Olympus and Arrow came to be, but his participation in an amateur Doritos commercial contest dramatically changed his fortunes. As the crochety antagonist promising a chip to a child “when pigs fly”, he was seen worldwide when the ad was chosen to air during the 2015 NFL Super Bowl.

Brendan Taylor has worked steadily ever since. He’s appeared on shows like The Magicians, Bates Motel, Fargo, and Supernatural, as well as The Arrangement in a recurring role. On film, he enjoyed a lead role in Charlotte’s Song – which played at the 2015 Vancouver Film Festival – and a key role in The Prince, a short that screened at Philadelphia’s FirstGlance Film Festival in 2017.

Next up, Brendan Taylor will fulfill a childhood dream by playing comic book legend Jerry Siegel in “The Trials of Superman” – the third episode of the 2017 docudrama series AMC Visionaries: Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics – followed by a return to The Arrangement in 2018.

Away from acting on screen or on Canadian stages, he is an avid Japanese domestic car and motorcycle enthusiast – a racetrack regular who is a self-taught mechanic to boot. He has explored most of Europe by car and foot and enjoys amateur photography to capture the world around him.

Brendan Taylor continues to seek out opportunities to feed his passions, wherever they may be.